Sustainability report 2021

Sustainability is a strategic priority for those of us engaged in the Coca-Cola system in everything we do. Both on the part of Coca-Cola HBC and on the part of The Coca-Cola Company and other partners.

2021 2021

420 million litres of beverages produced and sold

15.7% of production intended for export to 15 countries 

888 employees 

60 thousand customers 

2 production plants

csr_2021_graf_4_en csr_2021_graf_4_en


Each pillar aims to fulfil selected UN Sustainable Development Goals. Destinations are marked with official pictograms. More about SDGs here.
csr_cil_2 csr_cil_2

We reduce our carbon footprint in the entire production chain, we use renewable energy, we support climate responsibility projects

csr_cil_1 csr_cil_1

We reduce water consumption in the production process, oversee and protect water resources in all locations where we operate

csr_cil_4 csr_cil_4

We supply 100% recyclable packaging to the market, increase the proportion of recycled content and lighten their weight, support proper waste management activities

csr_cil_3 csr_cil_3

We only work with suppliers who share our values, attitude to environmental protection, respect for human rights and a responsible approach

csr_cil_5 csr_cil_5

We innovate the portfolio to match the latest trends and consumer needs; we increase the share of non-caloric products and transparently state nutritional values ​​on each bottle

csr_cil_6 csr_cil_6

We care about a diverse and inclusive approach in the development of our company, we care about the health and well-being of our employees 

csr_cil_7 csr_cil_7

We educate the young and the disadvantaged, we support the communities around us, we take care of good neighbourly relations in the locations where we operate

csr-ikona-6 csr-ikona-6

In the years 2017-2021, we invested over 2 billion Czech crowns

csr-ikona-11 csr-ikona-11

In 2021, we supported more than 5 million Czech crowns for socially beneficial activities (excluding the value of donated drinks). 

csr-ikona-7 csr-ikona-7

We reduced total CO2 emissions in the value chain year-on-year by 9,035 tonnes. One tree absorbs roughly one tonne of these gases during its lifetime.

csr-ikona-9 csr-ikona-9

Compared to 2018, we halved the carbon footprint calculated per litre of beverage produced. 

csr-ikona-3 csr-ikona-3

We replaced other company cars with CNG-powered models. These produce 25% less carbon than diesel and petrol cars.

csr-ikona-1 csr-ikona-1

By replacing refrigerators with more efficient models, we saved 3,475 tonnes of CO2.

csr-ikona-2 csr-ikona-2

Water consumption 1.69 l/litre of produced beverage. 

csr-ikona-4-1 csr-ikona-4-1

We are responsible for water found in natural areas in Prague 14 and in the Broumovsko region. 

csr-ikona-4-1 csr-ikona-4-1

We irrigate and cool the surroundings of the Prague production plant thanks to a unique wetland.

csr-ikona-5 csr-ikona-5

For the production of our PET bottles we use up to 100% recycled content. 

csr-ikona-7-1 csr-ikona-7-1

All our packaging is 100% recyclable. 

csr-ikona-8 csr-ikona-8

We support the deposit system in Slovakia and its introduction in Czechia.