Our Suppliers

Our suppliers

In manufacturing our products we work with thousands of suppliers, most of whom are based in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We acquire both raw and packaging materials from our suppliers. Even though we do not own or control our suppliers we still accept responsibility for ensuring that their operations comply with our standards.

Therefore 100 percent of our suppliers have signed our Supplier Guiding Principles.

As an ethical business organisation, we accept responsibility for ensuring that our business operations do not breach human rights in any way, directly or indirectly. We make sure that our employees fully understand the company’s human rights obligations as well as their own rights and duties. We aim to collaborate with suppliers who share similar values and conduct their business in an ethical way.

In our continuous effort to develop and strengthen our relationships with suppliers, we have implemented principles of supply chain management applicable to our immediate suppliers. These principles are based on the belief that positive business relationships are essential to our long-term success. They must therefore govern our relationships and activities on the market and at the workplace, as well as our relationship to the environment and society.

A prerequisite to become listed as a Coca‑Cola HBC supplier is to commit to the Coca‑Cola HBC Supplier Guiding Principles. These Principles make clear the values and behaviour we expect, and audit, in our value chain.