Learning and Development

Learning and development

Given the wide range of positions, departments, markets and levels in our organization, as well as the strong support from our leaders and colleagues, there are huge opportunities for career development at Coca-Cola HBC. The direction your career takes depends on you, your potential, skills, ambitions, drive, and preferences.

Accelerate your personal development

We are passionately devoted to developing our people. Tailored development programmes for each segment and level in the organisation as well as fast-paced learning environment will give you unparalleled personal growth experience. Supportive leadership will encourage you to take full ownership of your work and career path. And the dynamic nature of our business and opportunity for continuous improvement will continuously stretch you to maximise your potential.


“Our company is a great place for people who want to be there when something new is created and developed.”

Jan Václav Kašpar Sustainability Manager


people in talent acceleration programs in last 3 years

Quench your thirst for growth

We’re part of a high-performing culture, where we believe that we can learn each day and be better than the day before. We recognise and celebrate people who are forward-thinking, results-driven, passionate and who never stop looking for ways to improve. We learn from every experience and grow from it.


“I like to get involved in things. I don’t stop at mediocre, I always want to go the extra mile. It hasn’t been easy the entire time. So much has happened with many different managers, but at every step I have learned something new and constructive."

Jolomi Fawehinmi Senior HR Business Partner, Nigeria


of leaders filled by internal talent