Our support within COVID-19

1 mil

value of drinks in € donated to communities

2.1 mil

number of drinks donated to communities

CZCovid_lide CZCovid_lide

Our people are and always have been our priority

We transferred key agendas, including the call centre, to home office mode in record time. We took the maximum possible safety measures for production continuity, customer service and deliveries. 

CZCovid_celkem CZCovid_celkem

We support frontline heroes

We donated a total of two million bottles of our beverages to doctors, paramedics, first responders, volunteer associations, customers, cashiers and couriers. The aid went to all corners of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

CZCovid_cervenykriz CZCovid_cervenykriz

We support Red Cross

The Coca-Cola Foundation provided further assistance. It supported the Czech Red Cross with an amount of CZK 6.3 million and the Slovak Red Cross with a sum of 184 thousand euros. The funds are being used to purchase lung ventilators and medical equipment.

CZCovid_trasovani CZCovid_trasovani

Smart quarantine and testing

Our employees participated in the tracing of risky contacts within the Smart Quarantine project of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. In Slovakia, we supported the organization of comprehensive testing of the population.

CZCovid_rouskomaty CZCovid_rouskomaty

Our vending machines are Rouškomaty

We transformed our drink dispensers in selected shopping centres into “Rouškomaty“ ( Face mask vending machines). The full proceeds from the sales are forwarded to our supplier of face masks, Charita Kralupy nad Vltavou.

CZCovid_podokny CZCovid_podokny

We organized Pod okny concerts

Coca-Cola, along with Angel awards and the Czech Red Cross organized 35 concerts under the windows of homes for the elderly. In addition to music, we created a happy mood by delivering our beverages, CDs or flowers to almost 5.5 thousand seniors.

CZCovid_webinar CZCovid_webinar

Within reach of customers

Even in difficult times, we were in maximum contact with our customers through, for example, legal advice given via webinars, with the participation of over 60 customers.

CZCovid_krabicky CZCovid_krabicky

We cooked with customers

We participated in projects together with our customers and offered, for example, a free lunch menu for paramedics and rescue services. We supported projects called We cook for the indispensable, We won’t leave you in the lurch, Food for the health care workers and other projects from selected restaurants with almost 130 thousand beverages at a value of EUR 32 000.

CZCovid_srdce CZCovid_srdce

Heart for the members of the IRS and cashiers

We were part of the Vietnamese shops’ Heart for the members of the IRS project. We also sent our hearts and thanks in the form of our drinks to the cashiers and couriers of our customers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

CZCovid_litovel CZCovid_litovel

We made deliveries to closed locations

At the time of the quarantine closures of the Uničov, Litovel and Kynice locations, we provided beverages to task forces, law enforcement units as well as to the general population. 

CZCovid_prazdnelahve CZCovid_prazdnelahve

Our disinfection bottles

We regularly manufactured empty bottles for municipal offices, firefighters or the Prague Airport. In this manner, we helped to distribute 65 thousand disinfection bottles.

CZCovid_czechtop CZCovid_czechtop

We are the Hero of the fight against coronavirus

The CZECH TOP 100 agency ranked Coca-Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko among the Admired Companies of the Czech Republic in 2020 and awarded us the title HERO OF FIGHT WITH CORONAVIRUS in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.