Community Support

Community support

In all of our work we never lose sight of our mission and that includes contributing to the quality of life in our local communities. That is why we are prepared to help whenever our support may be required. Winning the public’s trust is very important for us and our business.


Supporting the development of young people

We cooperate with a range of organisations with the aim of supporting the development of young people and preparing them for realising their potential in suitable careers. Between 2000 and 2016, we distributed more than CZK 20m among children in children’s homes in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to fund their leisure-time and educational activities. This support will continue under the umbrella of the international YouthEmpowered project.       

The project will continue to support and educate young people in children’s homes in the Czech Republic who may be disadvantaged on the job market. The necessary framework is being put in place in Slovakia. In both countries, we have a history of collaborating with secondary schools and universities, including, for example, lecturing in academic institutions and facilitating field trips to our bottling plants.

Collaboration with nonprofit organisations

We collaborate with a number of nonprofit organisations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. In the Czech Republic, for example, we have long supported the following nonprofit organisations and projects: Tereza Maxová Foundation, the Světluška [Firefly] project of the Czech Radio Endowment Fund, the association Šance Olomouc that provides care for children with oncological conditions, and nonprofit organisation Cesta Domů [Way Home].                                                                             

In Slovakia, we collaborate, for instance, with cancer research foundation Nadácia výskum rakoviny and association Združenie Sclerosis Multiplex Nádej.Dozens of associations and foundations in both countries enjoy our beverages for free.

Helping in disaster areas

When a disaster strikes, ensuring the availability of drinking water is one of the most pressing matters. That is why we regularly help people in emergency situations by providing drinking water in cooperation with the Czech Red Cross.