We do not merely wish to succeed on the Czech and Slovak markets as a business, we also aim to be a driving force behind positive developments that lead to the improvement and enrichment of local communities’ lives.

Volunteer activities

We collaborate with a number of nonprofit organisations both in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Our partners in the Czech Republic include Světluška [Firefly], a fundraising project organised by the Czech Radio Endowment Fund that benefits people with sight impairments. Světluška acts as an umbrella for a range of events and projects such as Kavárna POTMĚ [Café IN THE DARK], where people with impaired sight work as waiting staff and where our company supplies beverages. Our employees also take part every year in a nighttime charity run, either as runners or as volunteer helpers.

Světluška [Firefly] Světluška [Firefly]

Helping children

We strive to make a positive change in the lives of children, especially those that are disadvantaged in any way. Together with the Slovak organisation Úsmev ako dar [A smile as a gift] we contribute to ensuring a fully-fledged childhood in a family circle for children whose parents cannot achieve that for whatever reason. We are involved in a similar fashion in the Czech Republic with the Tereza Maxová Foundation. The foundation’s project TERIBEAR helps children who have found themselves in a difficult life situation to grow up as part of a family instead of having an institutional upbringing. Our contributions to these beneficial organisations take the form of financial donations as well as the mass participation of our employees in charity events.

Teribear Teribear