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Just like our Customer Care Centre, the e-shop is a way of ordering our products. It's open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and it's easy to use - you can  order with just a few clicks.

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Why use the e-shop?

+  Information on current levels of stock

Thanks to a direct link to our inventory system you will get an instant idea of the delivery date for your selected goods.

+  Special offers

You have access to current special offers available for a given place of business.

+  An overview of past orders and invoices

You can display an overview of past orders for the last year and download all associated invoices. You can also view the payment status for each of them.

+  Quick selections save time

Repeating a previous order at any time is really simple. You can also create your own shopping lists.


Would you like to create an e-shop account?

Nothing could be easier if you are already a customer of ours. Please get in touch with our sales representative. They will guide you through the process. It takes no more than three days and you will be able to make your first order as soon as you log in for the first time.

Do you need help?

Below you can find answers to the most frequently asked questions associated with creating an account and logging in. There is also a detailed guide that is available within the application after logging in.

Should you still have any questions, contact us by calling the Customer Care Centre on +420 283 015 666 any working day between 9am and 5pm.


Frequently asked questions

The web browser does not load the web page.

Try to log in using a different browser. If this step helps, it may be necessary to update the initially used browser. If it does not help, try opening a different website or contact your network administrator with a request for help with your firewall settings.


I would like to create a new account for online shopping.

Registration is performed with the help of our sales representative who will visit you and guide you through an online form to create your account. The sales representative will also explain the next steps that are necessary to complete the registration.


I already have my login information but I still cannot log in.

This could have different causes. First, check that Caps Lock is not activated on your keyboard. Also make sure you are not using a keyboard layout for a different language (pressing the combination of the Alt + Shift keys on the keyboard may do the trick).

If you have recently changed your login password, the problem may be in the browser’s cached data that still contains the old password. It must be rewritten.


I cannot remember my login information.

Click the “Forgotten/Blocked password?” link on the entry page and fill in the form that loads. You will have to enter the e-mail address used when creating the account, your user name (it either begins with CZW or is the same as your e-mail address) and your customer number (written on an invoice).

The system will send you a new temporary password that will enable you to log in and create a new permanent password.


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