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As part of the ongoing measures against the spread of the Covid-19 disease, we continued our plan of three priorities for the protection of health, safety and business. The first of these was the protection of the health of our employees, including customers. However, it was not only about protective equipment, working from home, but also about protecting the jobs/employment of all our colleagues.  The second priority was to support hospitals and other organisations that are helping to cope with the pandemic. The third priority was our direct involvement in volunteer activities.

We supported tornado-hit villages in Moravia through a financial donation to the Red Cross in the amount of one million Czech crowns. Here, half of the donation was paid by Coca-Cola HBC and half by The Coca-Cola Company. In addition, half a million Czech crowns worth of our drinks went to the venue. Volunteers from among our employees also helped directly on site.

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12 mil.

We donated more than 12 million Czech crowns worth of drinks to charity 

1 mil.

We supported villages affected by the tornado with a cash donation of 1 million Czech crowns. 


employee volunteers 

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In cooperation with the Red Cross, we organised a project of 50 places for a good deed, for which the Red Cross awarded us a prestigious prize for the support of humanitarian activities. The project focused on providing first aid courses. During the 50 places for a good deed event, around 500 employees from the social services of the non-profit sector received training. In Czechia, the courses took place at thirty locations providing services to more than 2,500 clients. In Slovakia, there were 20 locations with more than 1,500 clients.


"From the beginning of planning the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the production of the Coca‑Cola drink on the Czechoslovak market, we knew that as part of the celebration we also wanted to create a project that could help someone. In this spirit, we wanted to share the celebrations with others. I think we managed to do that with 50 places for a good deed. The great interest in the first aid workshops and the positive response from non-profits only confirmed to me that we made the right decision."


549 volunteer hours 

Our employees also volunteered in 2021. They helped within volunteer associations, developed young people or lent a hand to work directly at sites of natural disasters.  

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Teribear once again moved Prague and other locations 

The already traditional charity run Teribear moves Prague was again transferred to the virtual space and thanks to this to all corners of the world. Yes indeed, other countries shared in the run as well. We are very proud that our employee, Milan Holuška, completed the longest run – 704 km.

Drinks worth 8 million to food banks 

We engage in long-term cooperation with food banks in Czechia and Slovakia. In 2021, we delivered drinks worth more than 8 million Czech crowns to those in need. 

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We, too, shine for Firefly 

We are a traditional partner of the Světluška Endowment Fund of Czech Radio. We participate in Night Runs, deliver drinks to Café POTMĚ and provide refreshment to the performers of the Benefit Concert. 

We support the LGBT+ community
The Coca‑Cola Company became the main official partner of the Prague Pride Czech festival for the second year. At the time of the festival, a special banner with a rainbow flag and motifs of the "LoveCan" thematic campaign, which promotes the values of respect, understanding and love, was hung on the main building of the Coca-Cola company in Kyje, Prague. 
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You can do it!

As part of the You can do it! project, we support the confidence and self-worth of young disadvantaged people by providing training or organising motivational workshops that increase necessary knowledge in the field of further self-development (education), finding work opportunities and starting an independent life. 


Young people went through the programme in 2021 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


People will be reached by the programme in all Coca-Cola Hellenic countries by 2025


Coca-Cola HBC employees worked on the programme in 2021 as part of volunteering


You can do it! is our joint child who turned 4 in 2021. We are constantly working on its quality and reach. Together, we have already changed the lives of thousands of children and young people. It's a lot of work, but we believe it really makes sense.

Tereza Maxová Patronka Nadace Terezy Maxové

The project was created in accordance with the international strategy of the Coca-Cola HBC group – Youth Empowered, which we brought to Czechia in cooperation with the Tereza Maxová Children's Foundation already in the summer of 2017. In 2018, we invited the Czech branch of the International Federation of Coaches to cooperate, then expanded the project to focus on secondary school students. In 2019, together with our partner getCLIENTS, we presented the project in Slovakia. In addition to the involvement of partners, employees also participate in the project. As part of expert volunteering, more than 30 colleagues give lectures in children's homes or schools. 

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After the first year of Covid, in 2021 we managed to make a profit within the Slovak organisational component. That is why I am extremely happy that we could allocate 2% of the income tax to the A smile as a gift, non-profit organisation which cooperates with us together with getCLIENTS on the You can do it! project. In total, the organisation will receive 3,642 Euro.

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Free on-line courses from the best of the best

At the end of 2021, we agreed on a strategic partnership with the organisation GrowJob Institute and a group of inspirational speakers from business. From 2022, young people will have access to successful courses for free on the cocacolatodas.com website, that will take them further in life.


We are constantly working on good relations with Prague 14 (location of the Prague plant), and the Broumovsko region (Natura spring water region). Across regions, we are trying to create joint projects to support quality of life and sustainability development. 

Our employees are members of the MA21 Commission for Public Involvement and working groups for sustainable development of the city district and climate adaptation. We are very happy that together, we managed to defend category A within MA21 evaluation in 2021. More about the MA21 agenda in the video HERE.. As support for the environment, we have, for instance, supported the purchase of irrigation bags or the planting of trees on the territory of the district. In 2021, we also collaborated on changing the stop shelters at the Sídliště Jahodnice stop. These now not only have a more presentable appearance, but thanks to the educational content on stickers and information boards they also serve as a means of communication with citizens. In the area of ​​our production plant, instead of a classic retention tank, we built a wetland system for retaining rainwater and naturally cooling the surroundings, which also helps to maintain biodiversity in the area.  

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In the Broumovsko region, where we have a NATURA production plant, we are a partner of the Adaptation of the Broumovsko Region project to climate change, we support cultural events such as the Broumovsko region discussions, the rock climbing festival and the Sudety Rally. 

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