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Almost a quarter of the portfolio is ZERO 

Our consumers have the option to choose a sugar-free alternative in every product line of soft drinks. In 2021, the share of sugar-free drink sales in relation to the entire portfolio was 22.4%. In 2020, it was 21.9%. So we haven't reached a full quarter yet, but low-calorie variants are a very important line of our innovation. The 2021 Christmas edition with orange and vanilla flavours is Zero.

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After sixteen very successful years of the refreshing drink Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar, we introduced its successor to the Czech and Slovak markets. Although the name and composition remain the same at first glance, it is still a completely new Cola-Cola Zero Sugar, which is much tastier, smoother and more refreshing. It brings a great feeling of a very pleasant taste, again without sugar and calories. The fundamental difference and magic that makes the new Coca‑Cola Zero Sugar not only taste closer to the classic version of the Coca‑Cola drink, but also has the ambition to become the best Coca‑Cola drink ever, lies in the new ratio of ingredients used. You can easily recognise it in stores – the entire cover of the bottle is red, the Coca-Cola logo is black and the cap is proud of the Zero Sugar inscription. Thanks to the "Yes or No" campaign, consumers could let us know if the new option was the best for them.


We commit to responsible marketing through our membership of the European Beverage Association UNESDA and adhere to the following voluntary commitments: We do not market to children under the age of 13; we avoid direct advertising to children in order to convince their parents to buy our products. Furthermore, we do not offer sweetened lemonades, iced teas or energy drinks at primary and secondary schools. Our coolers in schools do not carry any advertising of drinks, their stickers are neutral and only encourage drinking. 


We have been using Evolved Nutrition Labelling on our products since 2018, and we are still among the exceptions on the Czech and Slovak markets. Our consumers know precisely, easily and without long research which product to choose and include in their diet based on its composition.

Martin Staněk QFS/QSE Governance Manager

We believe that people should easily find clear nutritional information on all our packaging. Labels on drinks therefore clearly state the content of calories, sugars, fats, saturated fats and salt, both in absolute values ​​and in percentages of daily intake. This data is shown on individual packages as a proportional part of a healthy diet and helps consumers understand the exact share of a particular drink in their daily intake of energy (calories) and sugars. 

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