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Our secret ingredient – our people

In 2022 Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic and Slovakia will have 869 employees, of which 287 will be women and 582 men.


There were 855 employees on indefinite contracts, 248 women and 607 men. There were 14 employees on fixed-term contracts, 6 women and 8 men.

In 2022 our Company had 149 line managers and 720 employees without subordinates. 

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There were 850 full-time employees. In the Czech Republic there were 718, of which 246 were women and 472 men. 132 in Slovakia, of which 40 women and 92 men. In terms of FTE, 19 people were employed part-time. 63 people were employed in the Czech Republic and Slovakia under a work agreement (Agreement on Completing a Job or Agreement to Perform Work).

We have newly hired 178 employees in 2022. 181 employees left. This results in a fluctuation of 21%.


Teamwork is our core value

Highly committed teams and managers who understand their people are the foundation of our success. That’s why we regularly measure employee satisfaction and engagement through surveys, which are followed up with team action plans.

In 2022 our sustainable engagement index has climbed to 83%, an increase of 5 percentage points from last year. To achieve this result after an extremely challenging season in which our staff had to meet unprecedented demand and deal with several crises is a huge achievement and demonstrates the tremendous resilience and passion of our teams.


The increase in ratings across survey questions was noticeable. The driving force behind the overall change was the ability of our managers to help employees prioritise tasks, which was positively rated by 83% of us, and the willingness of colleagues to help each other beyond the call of duty, which was affirmed by 90% of our employees. The fact that we were able to reduce the average monthly overtime to 5.39 hours from 6.83 hours in 2021 also contributed to higher engagement.


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Remuneration and growth

We take great care to ensure that our employees are fairly rewarded and that our Company provides space for personal growth. We increased wages by 6% on average in 2022.

The package of popular employee benefits includes a pension contribution, a daily fluid intake plan, a cafeteria or, for example, the popular stock programme, where the Company donates the same value of shares to an employee when they purchases up to 3% of the employee's salary each month. 36% of employees have the option of working from home. In this case we recommend a working model of two days working from home and three days working in the office to build synergies in face-to-face meetings. In total we contributed over CZK 25.5 million to employee benefits in 2022.

We promoted a total of 72 colleagues internally in 2022. We continue to develop talent programmes that start with onboarding for new colleagues, continue through the Sales Academy, Supply Chain Academy with programmes for the development of operators and lab technicians, and end with the development of our managers at all levels of management in Fast Forward programmes. Our young talent programmes, such as the Early Talent Internship Programme and the Trainee Programme for graduates, have a special position in our Company. In total we provided 7,644 hours of training and education in 2022. We pay for the study and financial certification of CIMA for selected employees. We provide retraining of Group B drivers to Group C. A unique form of development is the in-house Learning Labs programme, where CCHBC employees prepare courses for their colleagues directly.

We traditionally reward the best employees with points for the cafeteria and announce them at Company-wide meetings. In addition to the traditional Employee of the Month and Employee of the Year awards, we also symbolically award TOP Leaders. Nominations for all these awards can be submitted by any of our Company employees.

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We use our internal Performance for Growth tool to manage employee performance and growth. It is a year-round, comprehensive employee performance management and evaluation system that is linked to regular feedback tools (from subordinates, teammates, project teams, or ad hoc/spontaneous feedback) and a personal development plan for each employee that either strengthens them in their current position or prepares them for a future position. The performance of employees and the fulfilment of set goals is subsequently reflected in the variable component of the salary – the bonus.

Safety first

We always go one step further in ensuring the safety of our employees, which is why we have implemented a Behaviour Based Safety Programme based on reporting potentially dangerous situations, which we then systematically address. It additionally helps us to adjust the mind-set of our employees so that they actively prevent accidents by their behaviour. We addressed 292 activities under the BBS Programme in 2022.

Occupational safety training is mandatory for all new recruits on their first day of work and is regularly renewed. In addition, we regularly organise Health and Safety Week and Health Days, which provide free health screenings, workshops and training to employees.

An important benefit that can help our employees with their mental health is the Employee Assistance Programme provided by Morneau Shepell. It is a confidential support system that can help solve a wide range of life issues. EAP offers fast and qualified support that is accessible 24/7.

In 2022 we recorded 7 disabling accidents and resolved 13 of the 20 reported near-accidents.

We speak with our employees

Our employees are not unionised. The trade union function is replaced by the Employee Council, to which employees are elected for 3 years. It involves 15 employees in the Czech Republic and 5 in Slovakia. This represents 2.3% of the workforce. The structure of the CCHBC Employee Council is also organised at a European level. Meetings with the employer are held every month. The Employee Council has its own budget, which it spends on selected activities.

Drawing on our diversity

The international environment of our Company is conducive to the cooperation of different cultures and approaches. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia alone, there are employees of 17 different nationalities. The average age of the our Company’s employees has stabilised at 40 years. 21% of employees under 30 worked for us, 64% of employees aged 30-50 and 15% of employees over 50.

We value the loyalty of our employees. That is why we reward significant work anniversaries with monetary and non-monetary gifts and celebrate them at Company get-togethers. 149 colleagues celebrated their 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 year anniversaries with us in 2022.

Coca-Cola Team Coca-Cola Team


Our CCHBC group is working towards a gender balance within Company management. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, women represented 33.6% of Company management in 2022. There were 3 women in the Company’s top management – the so-called Senior Leadership Team in the year under review. HR, Marketing and Legal directors. This represents 27.3% of the 11 members of this team. When analysing remuneration, women on average earned 16.8% less in the year under review. After the project to compare this difference, it was only 1.4% less in December 2022.


Veronika Němcová in the Inspirational Networking Panel Veronika Němcová in the Inspirational Networking Panel Veronika Němcová in the Inspirational Networking Panel


Internally we support women in managing roles with our extensive ‘June belongs to women’ event, which includes workshops on the following topics: women’s self-esteem, women in leadership, returning to work after maternity leave and paternity leave. The event is complemented by inspiring interviews with successful female managers from the CCHBC. We regularly comment on the topic of women in leadership at external conferences. For example, we are a long-term partner of the Inspirational Networking for Women in Leadership, which takes place at the Opero in Prague.

We regularly dedicate a ‘D&I Week’ awareness campaign to diversity and inclusion, reminding us of our zero tolerance policy on discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender or gender reassignment, sexual orientation, marital or partner status, including pregnancy, maternity, paternity or other nursing and care status, race, including ethnic origin, nationality or colour, religious, political or other beliefs, full-time or part-time employment, and any other characteristic in respect of which legal protection is provided under local law. We also strictly adhere to the equality policy in the recruitment process.

There were 5 people with disabilities working in our Company in 2022, representing 0.58% of our workforce. Positions suitable for employees with disabilities are available, for example, in our customer service centre, where work can also be done 100% from the home office.

Coca-Cola is the world’s largest brand that has long supported the LGBT+ community


The Coca‑Cola Company has become the main official partner of the Prague Pride Czech festival for the third year running. At the time of the festival a special banner with a rainbow flag was once again displayed on the main building of The Coca-Cola Company in Praha-Kyje. The Company’s open attitude to equality issues for the LGBT+ community has a huge impact on the Company culture, where equality values are lived every day.

Prague Pride Prague Pride

We lent a hand where it was needed

The spring of 2022 marked the start of our assistance to refugees from war-torn Ukraine. Right at the start of the crisis we contributed EUR 100,000 to the refugees through the Slovak Red Cross together with The Coca-Cola Company. The CCHBC Group donated EUR 1.5 million for this purpose immediately at the start of the crisis.

This was followed by coordinated assistance, where our employees personally volunteered to organise the functioning of the refugee centres and provide material assistance. We directly assisted colleagues from our Ukrainian organisational unit who were able to work with us remotely.


Červený kříž Červený kříž


Throughout 2022 we supplied refugee centres with drinks through the Red Cross and various food banks.

We donated a record 530,000 litres of beverages to food banks in 2022. These were worth CZK 13.7 million at depreciated prices. Their commercial value was three times higher. One third of the drinks donated to food banks went to refugee centres. Nearly 80,000 litres of beverages went to refugee centres through the Red Cross.



The summer in the Czech Republic was marked by a fire in the municipality of Hřensko. The efforts of fire fighters, which finally resulted in the extinguishing of the fire after several weeks, were supported by our Company with beverage supplies. In addition to drinks for the fire fighters worth over CZK 600,000, the Company donated CZK 500,000 to the area’s National Park together with The Coca-Cola Company to rebuild the destroyed tourist infrastructure. Thanks to this contribution the Park’s main tourist attractions are now accessible again.

Hřensko Hřensko

Hřensko Hřensko


Thanks to the grant a new information system has been built on the site, consisting of maps and new signposts.

Due to the danger of falling trees, the Gabrielina Trail, which led visitors to the Pravčická Brána Archway, had to be closed. The new signage showed hikers an alternative route that is safe and opens up incredible views of the rock masses and the impact of the fire. A new telescope has also been purchased for the trail. For the comfort of visitors it is lined with new benches on sandstone pillars.

We have entered into strategic partnerships that transcend our business world

Natura - kojenecká Natura - kojenecká


The Natura brand also includes infant water in its product line, which has partnered with the Institute for Mother and Child in Podolí, Prague. To celebrate this partnership a conference on healthy drinking for mothers was organised and a contract was signed for the supply of free drinks. Clients of this renowned institution can thus enjoy more than just free water of infant quality in the counselling rooms.


The McDonald’s Foundation opened the first Ronald McDonald House in the Czech Republic in Motol, Prague. This long-built and anticipated project provides accommodation for families of long-term sick children who, in most cases, are treated at the Motol Hospital.

During its construction our Company contributed by lending refrigeration equipment for the House equipment free of charge and started supplying free drinking water in the form of our drinks.


Netřesky na základní škole Bratří Venclíků Netřesky na základní škole Bratří Venclíků

Our employees once again volunteered some more

Vánoční trhy Vánoční trhy

98 of our employees participated in volunteer activities during their working hours in 2022. This represents 11% of the total. Altogether they worked 1,059 volunteer hours, a rapid increase from the 549 hours in 2021. The week leading up to Christmas, Coca-Cola HBC held a charity market where employees donated to the Coke Angels Programme, which helps colleagues in difficult family situations. In addition, they were able to support other charitable causes by purchasing promotional items from partner non-profit organisations at the booth. The Christmas charity market was then rounded off with the traditional charity auction. We have renewed a grant programme where employees can apply for a drinking scheme for community events they organise in their spare time in the future.

Once again we opened the way for young people to get a better job

The Youth Empowered Project, which in 2022 was still operating under the name You Can Do It! (To dáš!), provided training for future employment or even direct work to a record number of 6,610 young people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. A total of 17,857 people have already been through the project. In the Czech Republic a huge part of the work was done by the social recruitment agency run by the Tereza Maxová Foundation for Children and the International Coach Federation, which provided training as part of the programme. In Slovakia, especially disadvantaged young people were helped by getCLIENTS in tandem with the non-profit organisation A Smile as a Gift (Úsmev ako dar). The focus of the project now shifts to training and lectures delivered directly by Coca-Cola HBC managers and the online educational platform, where the Company unlocks free educational courses for young people.


The Coca-Cola HBC Management Challenge again resonated among university students, where student teams had the opportunity to tackle case studies from real business environments. Prize money and a day with our CEO was eventually won by the Sasalele team from the Prague University of Economics and Business. Full report here.

We have long been partners with the largest student organisations. As regards secondary schools this is the Junior Achievement organisation and in universities AIESEC. We have supported a number of our partner schools events, such as the traditional StreTech at the Czech Technical University in Prague. At the Czech Technical University we have also become partners in a unique robotic bar project.

Vánoční trhy Vánoční trhy

Moving for a good cause

Prešov Prešov


We are proud that in 2022 we became a partner of the Teribear Moves Prague event, where our employees’ mileage, financial contribution and donated drinks all made their mark. We continued to support the Emil Open games for disabled youth, we supported sporting events of the Jedlička Institute such as Scooter Day (Koloběžka den), and we again supported the great tradition of the Night Runs for Fireflies (Noční běhy pro Světlušku).

Cafés where the drinks are on us


Our products help the Jedlička Institute’s charity TA Café and the Světluška Café in the Dark – a Czech Radio Endowment Fund.

Prešov Prešov

We are a good neighbour

We supported community events of all types with more than 260 shipments of our beverages made in 2022. That’s more than one load for every working day.

stopzewling stopzewling


We are in touch with the management of the Prague 14 municipal district mainly through representation on its Public Involvement Board. The most frequently discussed issues here are the joint sustainability strategy of the district within the framework of Agenda 21. In addition we have long co-organised various community events with Prague 14 Kulturní.

We supported community life in Prague 14 by communicating with leisure associations such as Stop Zevling, which in 2022 organised both a summer and winter festival with a sports competition.

In Teplice nad Metují we have again become a partner of the International Climbing Film Festival and also the celebration of the town’s anniversary, which we have combined with the celebration of 30 years of the Natura race. Among the community events in the Broumov region, we have supported, for example, the traditional Broumov Discussions and the MTB Trilogy mountain bike races.

Certification, audits and summary

We regularly report on community and charitable activities for the Group’s IAR report. The data is subject to regular back-ups. According to the reported data for 2022, we donated EUR 184,493 to charity and EUR 385,896 to community causes in the Czech Republic. In Slovakia the amount was EUR 120,436 for charitable purposes and EUR 31,681 for community purposes. This includes the value of material donations and supported environmental community projects.

Other relevant social certifications and audits:

  • ISO 45001 – Occupational health and safety management