Sustainable Development Report 2022


The year 2022 was a big breath of fresh air for us after the Covid era and a record breaking period in terms of sales and production. This gave us the opportunity to contribute more to local communities, reward our employees and prepare for the challenging year 2023. We continued our journey towards a sustainable future with an emphasis on our journey to carbon neutrality. I am proud of our team, which handled the challenges of 2022 excellently.

Dan Timotin General Manager, Coca-Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko


csr_2022_map_our_year_en csr_2022_map_our_year_en


We have had a record year in several respects:

  • Record production volume – 471 million litres
  • Record volume of beverages sold – 480 million litres
  • Most Costa Coffee cups sold – 21.5 million cups
  • Most premium alcoholic beverages sold – 611 thousand litres

We have done all this while reducing our carbon footprint across the value chain by more than 2 thousand tonnes of CO2 and maintaining an excellent level of environmental indicators:

Our success helps

Thanks to these excellent results we were able to increase our support for community and environmental projects, pay almost CZK 25 million more in income tax and contribute almost EUR 18,000 more to non-profit organisations in Slovakia through tax allocation.

Together we are more powerful

t’s all thanks to 869 employees who live our values, realise our mission and work towards our vision of being the beverage leader for our customers 24/7.


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