Our environmental policy is set out below.



Coca‑Cola Hellenic is committed to responsible approaches to the environment in the conduct of its business activities. This means we are committed to implementing reliable measures and effective systems such as ČSN EN ISO 14001 and EWS (European Water Stewardship Standard), which help us monitor and report on our business and its environmental impacts. We will proceed responsibly in order to meet the high environmental standards and minimise all negative impacts on the local environment while meeting customer and consumer expectations regarding the quality and safety of our products and the work environment.

We are convinced that Coca‑Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko, s.r.o. and the parties affiliated with the Company play an important role in achieving the environmental goals. That is why we try to provide our people with the necessary training and support so that they can fully commit themselves and contribute to the continuous improvement of the environmental standards.

To this end:

  • we will play an instrumental role in the beverage industry by complying with local environmental laws and regulations or, if such laws are not in place in the country concerned, use the high environmental standards of Coca‑Cola Hellenic.
  • we will always comply with the applicable legislative requirements of the Czech Republic and the European Union in the field of environmental protection
  • we will incorporate environmental aspects into our business planning processes to ensure that environmental management and progress are an integral part of our business;
  • an internationally recognised environmental management system (ČSN EN ISO 14001) is in place in all our operations, which will be regularly reviewed to ensure that it continues to be suitable for the operations concerned;
  • we will support our employees and provide them with the tools necessary to identify opportunities to improve our environmental performance and waste management in those areas where they operate
  • we will look for and implement ways to increase resource efficiency, including water, packaging, energy and other raw materials;
  • we will minimise the release of waste materials into the environment by adopting responsible practices to control environmental pollution; we will reduce, recover, recycle and reuse solid and liquid waste generated at the site wherever possible and ensure that our non-renewable waste is stored safely and with minimal environmental impact;
  • we will ensure that any auxiliary substances are managed in such a way that they are not released into the environment and that they are used in the least destructive way possible in terms of their overall environmental impact;
  • we will work with public and private organisations to find solutions to environmental problems that we can positively and effectively contribute to;
  • we will conduct regular structured monitoring and reviews of environmental performance and assess the achievements and improvements achieved against a standard set of specific key performance indicators.
  • we will try to manage the use of company cars in the most efficient way possible, with the least possible impact on the environment, i.e., make an effort to minimise emissions from car traffic into the air.

Coca‑Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko, s.r.o. fully respects the Environmental Policy, including the related Policies and Statements issued by the Chief Executive Officer of Coca‑Cola Hellenic, and undertakes to comply with the specific points of their programme to the fullest extent possible in the local conditions, with the technologies available and within the set legislative constraints.

Maria Anargyrou-Nikolić
Chief Executive Officer, CC HBC ČR/SR