TOP Leader Svetlana Vilberg - With my team behind I am not afraid to challenge the unknown

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You are the very first to receive the new TOP Leader award, how does it feel?

First, it was a pleasant surprise. I was very touched when I realized that the nomination came from my team. I am deeply grateful to them. These are my feelings - surprised, grateful, and touched.

As the nomination came directly from your team, what is the key to good cooperation between the leader and high performing team?

Through my years in CCHBC I was trying to find a secret recipe😊, and for me it is very important to keep a good connection with my team. It is about understanding team`s needs, taking care, providing guidance and support in difficult moments, having fun together. When I think of my team – we have a good spirit and energy, and great results are coming with it. So, first key element is connectionSecond key element is open environment, when team members can be true themselves, contribute to results and even complain😊 from time to time. This is how we learn together. Third key element is trust. I had a great opportunity to learn importance of these from great leaders.

TOP Leaders in our country are characterized by the following qualities: motivates, focuses on customers, develops flexibility, collaborates, builds talent, drives impact (delivers exceptional results, maximizes performance), supports engagement. Which one do you think is most important? Would you add one?

Supporting engagement and building the talent would be closest to me. These two are directly connected with people. Leader should create engaging environment, where people can grow. When looking at my team - I clearly see great, future leaders. Invest into the team, its spirit & energy and outstanding results will come.

What's your career path at Coca-Cola HBC? How do you see your future in Coca-Cola HBC?

I joined Tallinn plant (Estonia) as Lab Technician 25 years ago and grew through various roles in Quality department. Then I moved to Supply Chain Capability Development Manager position and thereafter stepped into HR being responsible for recruitment & talent development in Baltic. Honestly, that was one of the most valuable experiences I got. It helped me to become a better manager, better leader. I would recommend it to every manager😊. International assignments also supported my growth - experiences from Nigeria, Ukraine and now Czech Republic.  I see my future within ICSC.

You are leading our Corona IMCR team. Do you think there is something we can learn from this Corona crisis?

Of course, as organization we are learning to be more agile. As generation we are learning to be more responsible and kinder humans, supporting others in crisis.

You are now in a way crisis manager. What are necessary qualities of the leader in this position?

Most important – get a great team😊. This role is not easy. I felt fear, lack of clarity, but I built confidence on a way being supported by brilliant IMCR team and my manager Honza.

What are you looking forward to in 2021?

I see another challenging year ahead, but challenges inspire me😊.

What advice would you give to colleagues starting out as a team leaders?

Get a good mentor, use available leadership programs, learn from leaders around you.

Any advice for people joining CCH?

My best advice would be - learn. Learn from colleagues, through projects, assignments, and failures😊. Never stop learning.



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