Coca-Cola HBC Builds a Noise Barrier


 Prague, 18 February 2020 – Coca-Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko invests another over 28 million CZK into the surroundings of the plant in Prague - Kyje, namely to reduce the noise burden on adjacent neighborhoods in Prague 14. In addition to the construction of a fully automated warehouse, an acoustic barrier and other noise-reduction measures are being installed. These will improve the comfort of residents and significantly reduce the noise that escapes into the surroundings. 

Coca-Cola HBC has always strived to be a good neighbor and partner of the district of Prague 14. It is aware of its responsibilities as a part of the Kyje neighborhood and its goal is to ensure the maximum comfort of the residents while maintaining the sustainability of its business. When discussing recent investments, namely the construction of a new fully automated warehouse, the company focused also on the innovation of current technologies and locations that generate noise affecting the surrounding neighborhood. 


“We are currently implementing measures that will significantly reduce the amount of noise that escapes into the surroundings. The installed noise barrier on the southern side of the plant will reduce the noise of our cooling towers, while on the southern side, the noise from the handling area will be reduced. The barrier is 143 m long and 6 m tall. It will increase the comfort of the immediate surroundings, as well as of our neighbors in Hostavice and Jahodnice,” says Jan Turek, director of the supply chain at Coca-Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko.  


The processed acoustic study identified several sources of noise in the premises. For example, the car traffic or stationary sources in the plant area. From the conclusion it follows that the car traffic meets the required hygienic limits. After the stationary sources have been identified, three noise-reduction measures have been proposed. 


One of them is the optimization of the car traffic around the Coca-Cola plant premises during night hours and this measure has been applied immediately after we received the acoustic study. Thanks to the construction of the automated warehouse, the commissioning of which is planned to take place in the second half of 2021, the excess movement of trucks and transport of products to external warehouses will be eliminated. At the same time, the noise from the loading of all types of goods - including handing of glass bottles - will be reduced, as all loading will be done either in enclosed areas of the new warehouse or in the current loading area behind the noise barrier with a roof.  


The construction is already well under way. It should start helping the residents next month. Other noise reduction measures are planned and the public will be informed about them in due time.