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Prague, 30 September 2020 - Coca-Cola HBC is upgrading its car fleet and pursuant to its sustainability strategy, it has given preference to environmentally-friendly technologies - the fleet of 36 new VW Caddy will be powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). In total, the company now has 52 cars which use alternative fuel. Within 3 years, it plans to replace the rest of the entire fleet with a more ecological alternative (total of 530 cars).  

The primary motivation to upgrade the car fleet was environment - sustainability, lower emissions (not only from production but also the recycling of cars or fuel production): “At Coca-Cola, we take climate change, sustainability, circular economics and other environmental topics very seriously. Being aware of the impact our activities make on the environment we endeavor to find sustainable solutions to current climate issues in every department. CNG won not only because of its properties, but in particular because of its environmental impact. The more ecological alternative means of transport should reduce CO² emissions by up to 11% for the fleet of up to 3.5 t next year. What’s more, according to available information, CNG cars are even more environmentally friendly that e-cars, and the filling station infrastructure is evolving quickly,” said Jan Turek, ICSC Director (supply chain) for Coca-Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko - fleet video-introducing here.

The company addresses the reduction of emissions not only at its facilities but also in transportation. It already has experience with alternative-fuel vehicles - it uses Mitsubishi Fuso Canter Eco Hybrid trucks to distribute goods in Prague and Central Bohemia, and the management drives the Škoda Superb Combi iV with plug-in hybrid power. Now, 36 VW Caddy TGI will be added to the service fleet. The vehicles will drive all around the country including the Natura plant in the Broumov area.

Coca-Cola HBC purchased the fleet in cooperation with AutoPalace Group and ALD Automotive under operative leasing. The VW Caddy 1.4 TGI MAXI version offers not only sufficient space, but also a comfortable height, and the cars are fully equipped by FD Servis Praha. A number of compartments for parts, work tools and larger components - all precisely designed and elaborated for the convenience of the cooling equipment service technician. A range of 550 km on CNG combined with 120 km using gas ensures sufficient mobility.  

The company monitors other types of alternative drive, for instance the use of hydrogen in fuel cells, which have a number of advantages compared to conventional options - above all environmental purity, a lower environmental burden, higher range, etc.