Natura offers water of high baby mineral water quality

Excursion for journalists to the plant in Teplice nad Metují

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Coca-Cola last year announced  the significant acquisition of the manufacturing plant in Teplice nad Metují, which added local spring water of high baby mineral water quality Natura to its portfolio.   In the past year the firm has modernised, implemented new processes, worked on further optimalisation and improving production efficiency, and as part of its investment in sustainability has focused on cost-saving technology with low energy consumption and recyclable materials.   Within the framework of environmental protection and support of water return to the Broumovská region, it supported the local project ‘Adaptation strategy of watercourses to climate change’ with a donation of 250 000 Czech crowns.  

The plant in Teplice nad Metují was constructed 28 years ago (in 1992), covers an area of 16 400 m², has two PET production lines and one RGB production line for glass. Water is obtained from the ground through underground drills
using artesian pressure i.e. it is pressurised and rises to the surface under pressure. It is transported through food-grade stainless steel pipes directly to the bottling plant, where it is filled into bottles in a filtrated environment in line with the strictest hygiene requirements. Tapping is currently done without any treatment. The process is constantly monitored and the water is tested in the on-site laboratory on a daily basis.  A tunnel 50 metres under the rock leads to the spring. Inside there are 4 wells (drilling depth is 70 m so the water therefore comes from a depth of 120 m), all with high-quality baby water (low mineralisation ~ 120 mg/l, which doesn’t strain the kidneys).

“As part of our strategy we aim to provide all our clients 24/7 with a portfolio of drinks for all occasions. The quality of water from the artesian wells in the Adršpach-Teplice rocks nature reserve in CHKO Broumovsko is exceptional, and is certified for a range of water products, including those for newborn babies,” states the Director-General of Coca-Cola HBC Česká republika a Slovensko, who adds: “Widening our portfolio is also in accordance with our hydration strategy and underlines our intention to be as local as possible.”

“I’m very pleased to have the opportunity to offer our customers NATURA, which is of baby mineral water quality.  At the same time, we are aware of the fact that it is necessary to responsibly look after such a precious natural resource, and for that reason we are pleased to invest in sustainable production and distribution, as well as protection of the environment in the region. We aim to continue with this approach in the future,” says Natalia Stroe, Country Manager of Coca-Cola ČR.

Tomáš Jirásek, manager of the Teplice nad Metují plant, adds: “We’re approaching this investment and these surroundings very responsibly. As part of protecting the environment and the local sustainable resource of first-rate water with baby mineral water quality, we use 100% recyclable packaging, including for sports bottles, where the membrane itself in the lid is recyclable, which is not usually the case. Moving forward we want to seek further possibilities for a sustainable approach, we will look for instance at alternatively-powered vehicles.”


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About the water and packaging: 
NATURA is authentic and unmodified water from a spring in the Adršpach-Teplice rocks.  Thanks to its purity and ideal balance of substances, NATURA is not filtered or modified at all on its way from the spring to the bottle, yet despite this it is suitable for infants and other family members.

Still, sparkling and lightly sparkling water, as well as NATURA baby mineral water, are available from spring this year in 1.5 litre bottles. Still and lightly sparkling water is also available in smaller 0.5 litre bottles.

The firm also plans to introduce flavoured varieties onto the market. They are also working intensively on the development of a special glass bottle, intended for bars and restaurants. With regard to sustainability and care for the environment, several possible rPET bottles have recently been tested and new packaging made from a high proportion of PET recycled material will be introduced onto the market in the near future. NATURA is only available in the Czech Republic, and therefore only travels a short distance from the spring in the nature reserve - so there is also an evident emphasis here on minimalising the impact on the environment from a distribution perspective.

Where the water comes from:

The picturesque Adršpach-Teplice rocks nature reserve in CHKO Broumovsko harbours deep in its sandstone slab an underwater lake covering an area of around 100 km2 with high quality water.  The spring is exceptional not only for its purity, quality and stability, but also for its surroundings. This was why in 1988 it was chosen as the best of the 6 locations with a capacity meeting the needs of the whole of the then Czechoslovakia, which were selected in a selection procedure announced by the then Ministries of Agriculture and Health.  Water collects in a so-called shelved chalk basin. There has never been intensive farming in the area, which is why the surrounding nature is pure and undisturbed. The area is mostly forested and the Adršpach-Teplice rocks nature reserve occupies around 35 km2. No significant road leads through it, it is sparsely populated and there is minimal industrial activity.

CHKO Broumovsko encroaches on the districts of Náchod and Trutnov. It was established in 1991 and covers an area of 410 km².