Coca‑Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko has a new sales director. The key position will be filled by Marek Skysľak (43), who worked as the managing director at Procter&Gamble for the Czech Republic and Slovakia in the last six years.

“I am very pleased that my career will be continuing at Coca‑Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko and I’m proud of it. I’m joining the company while it is growing dynamically, where it is benefitting from investments realized in the last two years. I want to make use of my experience from a large multinational in the local environment and my wish is to build and lead a strong team, strengthen co-operation with our partners and the growth of our business,” said Marek Skysľak. "I’m immensely proud of the fact that we have managed to attract to our team such a senior manager and capable leader as Marek. I trust that thanks to his experience and abilities to lead us our growth will keep accelerating. My aim is that, thanks to the quality managerial team, he will further develop close co-operation with customers, stakeholders and the community. I would also like to thank Bubenik Partners for their assistance and their professional and careful selection for this key position,” said Maria Anargyrou-Nikolić, Chief Executive Officer of Coca‑Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko. According to Jan Bubeník, who has 20 years’ experience in filling leading managerial positions in Czech corporations, the hiring of Marek Skysľak by Coca‑Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko is an exceptional event: "Transfers of this type, where a manager moves from the top position to the management of sales or another line are not common in the Czech environment by a long way. In my opinion, it documents the strength of our client’s brand, the importance of the market position of the wide range of products it sells and the convincing nature of the vision for growth of the company and its management,” said Jan Bubeník, managing partner at Bubenik Partners. "We can now say with certainty that it is one of the managerial transfers of 2019,” added Bubeník. 

Marek Skysľak graduated from the University of Economics in Bratislava and shortly thereafter started work for Procter&Gamble, where he spent almost 19 years. He started as a district account manager for western Slovakia, spent four years in Hungary in regional positions and gradually worked his way up to sales director for Slovakia in 2009 and, three years later, managing director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Marek is married and is the proud father of three children. In his free time he also actively plays sports - he loves, in particular, skiing and football. In the position of sales director Marek Skysľak is replacing Jan Říha, who has left Coca‑Cola HBC.