Delivering for our customers

Local impact

We manage our operation in the best interest of our customers, suppliers and employees, aiming for operational excellence across the value chain.


By the numbers

Coca‑Cola HBC Česko a Slovensko by the numbers. Discover the most interesting numbers associated with our activity.


Community support

In all of our work we never lose sight of our mission and that includes contributing to the quality of life in our local communities. That is why we are prepared to help whenever our support may be required. Winning the public’s trust is very important for us and our business.


Bottling plant

The bottling plant in Prague has been in operation since 1993, producing supplies for markets in the Czech and Slovak Republics as well as other European countries. For most of the year, the plant’s production reaches more than 10 different countries.


Supply chain

The core purpose of our supply chain is to manufacture and deliver top-quality goods, in optimum time and at optimum cost while seeking to minimise our environmental footprint.