Visit our bottling plant

Secondary schools, grammar schools and universities can make a field trip to the Prague-Kyje bottling plant, in keeping with a tradition that has seen more than 10,000 pupils and students from all over the Czech Republic visit us. Why not come and see us too?

The programme enables young people to find out about  the history of our drinks and our company, as well as   discover day-to-day operations at the bottling plant.

Plant tour

It includes a tour of the bottling plant, a commentary on the history of the company and information on issues ranging from distribution management to customer care. If more in-depth information is required, such as on our marketing or sales, we are able to prepare a “tailor-made” field trip upon application.

Each tour takes about two hours and is free, of course. The maximum size of each group is 50 people including escorts. We would be delighted to welcome you at our plant on a Thursday (from 9am or 11am). Tours are not available for elementary schools.