Within the framework of European Diversity Day, our company Coca‑Cola HBC Czech and Slovakia became another one of the signatories of the Diversity Charter. We committed ourselves to developing a universally tolerant working environment regardless of age, faith, gender, sexual orientation or medical condition.

The Diversity Charter is one of the keystones for us, which goes hand-in-hand with our Sustainability Commitments until 2025. In these commitments, we have undertaken among other things that by 2025 our management will be entirely gender balance, meaning that the current share 30% of women in the management will be increased to 50%. In the Czech Republic and Slovakia, women in leadership positions already in both companies, namely Coca‑Cola HBC Czech and Slovakia and The Coca‑Cola Company Česká republika, already share plenty of experience.

According to a global review by the Pew Research Center focused on the perception of diversity, the company’s diversity has increased (69% of respondents). Almost half the people welcome a heterogeneous company (45%). In more than half of the reviewed countries, young adults are much more open to diversity.

Most people welcome the rising equality between women and men. However, men believe the situation is improving more strongly than women. For instance, 78% of German men say that the position of women has improved substantially over the past 20 years, whereas fewer German women think so (62%). There are considerable differences in other countries as well (Sweden, Great Britain, Netherlands, Spain). On the contrary, women very often believe that there has been no progress in this area (total of 11 reviewed countries).

Differences on this issue can also be found among European countries. While 82% of Swedes support increased equality between men and women, in Hungary it is only 29% of the population.


“We are among the 20 signatory countries, in which over 10,000 employers openly support the Diversity Charter. We can help them integrate the principles of diversity into their strategies. We want employers to cooperate and share their experiences across sectors. Together, we build a working environment for the 21st Century – respectful and supportive of all employees and their talents, abilities and know-how, regardless of the life or social situation, gender, age, etc.,” says Jana Skalková, coordinator of the Diversity Charter for BpS – Byznys pro společnost (Business for Society).

The European Diversity Charter, in which leading employers commit to developing a universally tolerant working environment, was officially launched in the Czech Republic in 2014. The Charter is supported by the European Commission (DG Justice) and in CZ was brought under the auspices of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and the Government Office. The Diversity Charter is a voluntary commitment taken by companies, employers, or even cities, municipalities or state and public institutions.

It has already been signed by over 10,000 employers in Europe, which represents about 15 million employees. The Charter is based on the assumption that it is in the economic interest of companies to build a corporate culture that is professionally open to everybody, regardless of gender, race, skin color, nationality, ethnic origin, faith, global views, medical condition, age or sexual orientation.

In the Czech Republic, almost 70 employers have already joined the Diversity Charter – including the new signatories – accounting for almost 200,000 employees.

Sometimes people ask us what the secret ingredient is in our beverages, Coca-Cole. I'll tell you - it's our people and their diversity. It is this uniqueness that helps us on the way forward. We still want and will support the uniqueness of our teams and communities. We are therefore proud that today you can confirm this determination by signing the Diversity Charter. Jan Václav Kašpar, Manager of CSR and Comunities