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What you’ll experience

Working with a high performing supportive sales team in a fast-paced environment, you will apply top tools & best FMCG practices to bring iconic brands to the market. You´ll enhance your collaboration skills by finding win-win-solutions for your diverse customers and will achieve competitive results with them. On the job, through learning from each other and our CCHBC Sales academy, you and your colleagues will be motivated to constantly improve your sales skills, so you grow - exploiting your potential to the fullest.

What makes you a successful Business Developer?

You prefer field to office work and are passionate about what you do, always thirsty for self-improvement and professional development. You don’t need to have a university degree or the same experience, but some skills and values are important…


Working in a dynamic role, you’re driven by achievements and go the extra mile to bring results, because you believe that stretching and challenging yourself is the best and fastest way to grow. You always strive to get better at what you do.


You easily build sincere trusting relationship with customers because you enjoy working with diverse people and genuinely care about their business needs. Besides collaborating well with customers, you are eager to share with and learn from your colleagues, to win together as team.


You love a good challenge and can shift gears easily, adapting yourself to new situations, solving problems on the go, turning each day into another success or learning – this is what keeps your energy levels high.

Driven, collaborative, agile

Sound like you? Maybe we could be the Perfect Match.

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Grow each day by growing your market and customers

graphic: filling your day timeline graphic: filling your day timeline

Typical selection process

  • 1 Apply for the role and if your profile meets the standard requirements, we’d like to get to know a bit more about you through a quick phone interview.
  • 2 Through tailored and standardised questionnaires, tools, role plays or group exercises, you will learn more about yourself and we’ll learn more about your profile and skills, to understand if your combination of special ingredients could make you a successful Business Developer.
  • 3 Finally, you’ll have a one-on-one interview to see if we’re the Perfect Match, and if we share the same values and culture.

Benefits to your career

  • Work with iconic brands Our growing beverage portfolio is changing with the needs of our consumers. Learn by working with Coca-Cola, Fanta, Kinley, but also from many water, juices, still drinks, ice tea, coffee, ready-to-drink beverage brands and innovative products.
  • Fastest learning environment The dynamic FMCG environment requires us to have a best-in-market approach and practices, and to continuously improve. Challenge yourself by mastering your skills in “THE field school of business”. You’ll learn a lot, achieve results and will be recognised for it.
  • Strong company and a strong team Work in a multinational company where our people and teams across 28 markets have established a track record of success and growth. Success brings responsibility and drive to always grow further and overachieve. Be supported by your team, leaders and best practices from across the business to learn and achieve great results every day.


How do I apply for a position at Coca‑Cola HBC?

Click here to search and apply for jobs at Coca‑Cola HBC. You will be asked to enter criteria to search for jobs that may interest you. Once you find a job you are interested in and have clicked on the 'Apply' button, you will be asked to create a profile on our platform to apply for the job. Our vacancies are usually also advertised on local job boards, recruitment portals, LinkedIn or other locally relevant channels, so you could also use these channels to start the application process.

Have you received my application?

To apply for a role at Coca‑Cola HBC, click here and apply for the position you’re interested in. Once you’ve created a profile, you’ll automatically be notified of each step in the application and selection process. So, if you applied for a position, you should receive a confirmation email sent to the address you used to create your profile.

How will my career progress?

Given the wide range of roles, departments, markets and levels in our organisation, as well as the strong support from our leaders and colleagues, there are huge opportunities for career development at Coca‑Cola HBC. The direction your career takes depends on you, your potential, skills, ambitions, drive, and preferences. Let's find out together what an amazing journey you can take.

What can I expect at an interview?

The interview is usually one of the final stages of our selection process, where our team gets to know more about you, your experience and skills. For details of each part of the selection process, please see the selection process section above.

How do I get details about the job?

Once you search and find a job at Coca‑Cola HBC that you’re interested in, a page with all the available job details will open up. Any additional information will be provided if you are invited to an interview or if one of our recruiters contacts you during the selection process.

Is the position I applied for still vacant?

After each stage in the selection process, we give regular feedback to candidates. If you haven't received any feedback from us after the last stage you took part in, this means the position is still vacant and the selection process has not yet finished. You can check the status of all your applications at any time by logging in to the profile you created on this Website.

When can I expect feedback?

After each stage of the selection process, candidates receive feedback from the Coca‑Cola HBC Talent Acquisition team either by phone or email. Candidates who have been interviewed can usually expect feedback by phone.

What is the status of my application? Where can I see it?

Once you’ve created a profile on our careers website and started the application process, you can log in at any time to view any changes in the status of your application.

I don’t fulfil all of the requirements. Should/can/am I eligible to apply?

Yes, we still encourage you to apply. We can then review your application and decide whether to proceed with it in the selection process.

How do I submit a CV?

To apply for a position at Coca‑Cola HBC, you must create a profile here. When creating your profile, you may also choose to import your data from your LinkedIn profile.

Can I apply for more than one role at a time?

Yes, you can apply for as many vacancies that match your skills, experience and career aspirations as you like.

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So if you've got the right special ingredients, maybe we’re the perfect match?

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