To dáš! – we help young people to succeed and grow 

In the To dáš! project, we support the self-confidence and self-worth of young disadvantaged people by providing training or organising motivational workshops that increase the necessary knowledge in the field of further self-education, finding job opportunities and starting an independent life. 


The project was created in accordance with the international strategy of Coca-Cola HBC – Youth Empowered, which we brought to the Czech Republic in cooperation with the Tereza Maxová Foundation back in 2017. In 2018, we invited the Czech branch of the International Coach Federation to work with us and we expanded the project by focusing on secondary school students. In 2019, we presented the project, together with our getCLIENTS partner, in Slovakia. In addition to involving partners, employees also take part in the project. As part of expert volunteering, more than 30 colleagues give lectures in children's homes or schools. 

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1,718 project participants  

With regard to the closure of schools and the impossibility of arranging mass lectures, together with our partners we moved our development activities into an online environment. Thanks to this, we managed to provide support and development to 1,718 young people in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

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Terezie Sverdlinová, Tereza Maxová Foundation 

“We have been a proud partner of the To dáš! project from the start and greatly appreciate the opportunity to help one of the most vulnerable groups of people, young people from children’s homes. We have seen dozens of stories with a good ending and others are yet to come.” 

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We’re a Good Neighbour 

We are constantly working on good relations with Prague 14 - the location of our Prague plant, and the Broumov District - the region where Natura spring water comes from. In both areas we try to create joint projects to support the development of the quality of life and sustainability.  

In 2020, we were involved in the drafting of rules for sustainable events held in Prague 14, we invested in the purchase of returnable cups for such events and festivals for the borough. Our employees are members of the MA21 Commission for Public Involvement and working groups for sustainable development of the borough and climate adaptation. As support for the environment we, for example, supported the purchase of irrigation bags and the planting of trees in the territory of the borough. On the premises of our production plant, instead of a standard retention tank, we built a marsh system to hold rainwater and naturally cool down the surrounding area; it also helps the area’s biodiversity.  

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In the Broumov District, where the NATURA production plant is, we are a partner of the Broumov District Adaptation to Climate Change project and we support cultural events such as Broumov discussions, the climbing festival and the Rally Sudety. 

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We Live by Helping 

Help for heroes worth more than EUR 1 m 

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With the arrival of measures against the spread of Covid-19, we quickly updated our plan for CSR activities and defined three clear priorities for protecting health, safety and also business. The first of these was to protect the health of our employees and then our customers. However, it wasn't just protective clothing or working from home, but also protecting the jobs/employment of all our colleagues.  

More information about our help and projects as a part of the fight against Covid-19 

The second priority was related to helping in hospitals, healthcare workers, ambulance workers and so on, where within three days we started our massive support and the supply of free drinks to all large faculty hospitals and offered help to all regional hospitals. Thanks to cooperation with The Coca-Cola Foundation, medical help was provided to the Red Cross in the form of a financial gift totalling USD 450,000. We also supported healthcare personnel through our customers, who cooked food for free for elements of the integrated emergency system.   

More information about our help and projects as a part of the fight against Covid-19 

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The third priority that we set was assistance for communities in the form of the provision of bottles for disinfectants, the adaptation of drink vending machines into mask vending machines, supplying volunteer activities and massive support for the closed locations of Uničov, Litovel and others. 

More information about our help and projects as a part of the fight against Covid-19 

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1,431 volunteer hours 

In 2020, our employees continued to volunteer. We helped in volunteer associations, developed young people and helped trace risky contacts as a part of the Smart Quarantine project.  

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Teribear got more than just Prague Moving 

The traditional Teribear Moves Prague charity run was also transferred to a virtual space and, thanks to this, to all corners of the world. Yes, the run also happened abroad too. One million kilometres was run with our traditional support.  

Beverages worth 308,000 for food banks 

We have long-term cooperation with food banks in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We therefore delivered beverages worth almost EUR 308,000 to the needy in 2020. 

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We also shine for the Firefly 

We are a traditional partner of the Světluška (Firefly) Czech Radio Endowment Fund. We take part in Night Runs, deliver drinks to Café POTMĚ and refresh the performers at a Benefit Concert. We supported online activities and other fund activities in 2020. 

Employee grants waiting for re-launch 

We enjoy motivating our employees to participate in community life in all corners of the Czech and Slovak Republics. In 2019, we supported a total of 133 events in both countries through employee grants; they were attended by 33,982 people and we handed out drinks worth more than EUR 18,000 there. In 2020, with regard to the coronavirus restrictions and the impossibility of holding mass events, we were forced to suspend the programme, but we will re-launch it as soon as it is possible.

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