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Czech Republic 

269 women  
568 men   

Employee satisfaction index 84   


50 women   
94 men   
Employee satisfaction index 88   

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We listen to our employees’ voices 

We respect the right of employees to join the Employees' Council, which mediates the dialogue between employees and the company's management. The Council in the Czech Republic and Slovakia represents all departments of the company and meets at monthly intervals. Last year, in addition to these regular meetings, we introduced extraordinary meetings of the Employee Council in a three-week cycle at which the company’s HR Manager was a regular guest. These extraordinary meetings reflected the dynamism of measures relating to employees with regard to the epidemiological situation in both countries. The employer’s aim is always to protect the health and safety of its employees and their families.


Extensive range of benefits for our employees 

We offer non-financial benefits as well and our employees may also invest in employee shares or get discounts for various recreational and wellness stay programmes. Anniversary gifts and parties are the reward for faithful employees every five years.  

Staying hydrated at the workplace and at home is a matter of course for all our colleagues, at the current time we are also distributing disinfectants, masks and vitamins.  


Assistance line for employees and their families 

With regard to the demanding challenges of 2020, we started an assistance line for our employees and their families. Our Employee Assistance Programme arranged by Morneau Shepell is confidential support that can help deal with a wide spectrum of problems in life. The EAP offers fast and qualified support that is available 24/7.

Internal University Learning Labs

The "Learning Labs" internal university platform was created on the initiative of a group of employees. It involves an effective form of developing and sharing experience, where the employees themselves in various roles provide development to colleagues. In addition to sustainability topics, the areas covered include presentation and sales skills, digital skills training, English language and conversation, financial training, etc.   

In November 2019, Learning Labs acquired the prestigious Prize of the President of People Management Forum in the framework of the HREA Excellence Award for the best projects in the field of development of human resources.  

The Learning Labs courses in 2020 were conducted by 37 internal lecturers, who presented 79 courses for more than 700 participants. There were more than 16,000 hours of development courses in 2020 as a part of the company education. 


Mngchallenge Mngchallenge

Management Challenge 

We have already created 6 real case studies that four universities included directly in their study plans and thus enriched them with examples from the real business world. We also offered these case studies to all university students in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to resolve in cooperation with the JA Alumni organisation. 

The event represents a bridge between academia and the world of internationally successful business. Within the challenge, the student teams are asked to draft an empirical case study. Those that succeed have the opportunity to win one of many interesting prizes, such as a day with a Coca-Cola HBC manager, a financial reward, a WOW experience of their choice or our beverages. Over 1,800 students got involved in twenty webinars arranged in cooperation with Czech and Slovak universities. They had the opportunity to meet our top managers and learn, for example, about our sustainable business or marketing strategies. A total of 17 teams sent us drafted case studies and 11 of them went through to the final. This year was the first year the whole competition was held online and we were pleased at the high student attendance. 

We came second in the consumer industry category in the Top Employers poll and fourth in the prestigious Best Employer poll in Slovakia. 

The TOP Employers study is a project of the Association of Students and Graduates that takes place among Czech university students. It is realised in cooperation with the prestigious research agency GFK, universities, student organisations and corporate partners. 

The Best Employer poll is a prestigious survey organised by Profesia. The aim is to provide a realistic view of applicants and potential employees in Slovakia about the company’s image.  

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