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Natura Natura

What we plan by 2021: 
We look forward to Natura in bottles made from 100% recycled material  

With the new Natura PET bottle produced from 100% recycled material that we are marketing at the start of 2021, you no longer have to worry that you will increase plastics consumption. Thanks to a unique technology, the bottle is produced from existing PET material and simply does not create additional plastic waste. This means Natura waters provide a link between unique spring water and bottles that are environmentally-friendly. During the year we will also market new packaging for Römmerquelle water, also produced from 100% recycled material. 

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15.3% of recycled material in packaging    
Our long-term aim is to increase the share of the recycled element in packaging, in particular in PET bottles. We used an average of 15.3% of recycled material in the production of new plastic bottles in the entire portfolio in 2020. Thanks to the pandemic measures on the market and restriction of the selected production, this share fell slightly compared to 2019. Since 2021 we have significantly increased this share thanks to the movement of the portfolio of Natura and Römmerquelle waters to packaging produced from 100% recycled material. 
100% recyclable packaging    
All our packaging is recyclable, i.e., usable for further processing. In the Czech Republic we are involved in the EKO-KOM integrated system and in Slovakia we are part of ENVI-PAK. According to these companies’ data, the degree of sorting of drink packaging is 82% in the Czech Republic and 78% in Slovakia. 
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650 tons of waste saved     
As part of packaging policy innovations, we are lightening our packaging. In the previous period the lightening concerned primarily bottles with volumes of 0.5 l; 1.0 l; 1.25 l and 1.75 l. The weight of PET bottles fell on average by 13% and thanks to this there will be approximately 150 tons of plastic waste less in the Czech Republic and 150 tons less in Slovakia every year. 
99.8 % share of recycled waste    
At the Prague production plant, we increased the share of the recycled waste from 52% in 2009 to 99.8% in 2020. Moreover, we are reducing the share of waste produced per litre of beverage produced: from 22 g/l in 2008 to 6.84 g/l in 2020. In the Natura production plant, we achieved a share of only 1.14 g/l. 
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The Jizera is clean again

The Jizera River is a water course from whose catchment area we obtain water for our production plant in Prague. This is why we are a regular partner of the Clean Jizera River event, which hundreds of volunteers are involved in. They clean the whole 167 km of this beautiful river every year. Despite the coronavirus restrictions and the impossibility of organising mass events, more than 1,250 volunteers, including our colleagues, got involved in cleaning in the autumn of 2020. Around two tonnes of waste, as well as 550 tyres, were collected. 

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Let’s Clean up Czechia together 

Coca-Cola’s aim is, by 2030, to collect and recycle every bottle and tin that our company sells. It is an obligation that is not simply performed from one day to the next, so this year we decided to go out with the other volunteers and put our shoulder to the wheel. After our multi-year active involvement as the Coca-Cola system, we are becoming a proud partner of Let’s Clean up the Czech Republic for 2021.