Sustainability Report 2020

csr_ikona_6 csr_ikona_6

We invested almost EUR 77 m in our development and innovation in 2017 – 2020 

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We supported the heroes of the fight against the coronavirus and we supported nearby communities with drinks worth more than EUR 1 m, as well as an investment of USD 450,000. 

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Compared to 2018, we reduced our carbon footprint per litre of beverage produced to half. 

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We exchanged service vehicles for models that use a CNG drive. 

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We helped start-ups dealing with climate change to grow. 

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We reduced water consumption to 1.61 l/litre of beverage produced. 

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In Prague 14 and in the Broumov District we care for the water in the countryside. 

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We use up to 100% recycled ingredients to make our bottles. 

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Our plastic packaging is 100% recyclable. 

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By making the bottles lighter, we save about 650 tons of plastic waste per year. 

Our pillars of sustainable development

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We are reducing the carbon footprint throughout our production chain, we make use of renewable energy, we support climate responsibility projects

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We are reducing water consumption in the production process and taking care of and protecting water sources in all locations where we are active

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We supply the market with 100% recyclable packaging, we are increasing the share of recycled materials in them and making them lighter, we support activities for correct waste disposal

csr_cil_3 csr_cil_3

We only work with suppliers who share our values, our attitude towards environmental protection, respect for human rights and a responsible approach

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We are updating our portfolio to meet the latest trends and consumer needs, increasing the share of non-caloric products and transparently stating the nutritional values on each bottle

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We apply a diverse and inclusive approach to the development of our company, we care for the health and comfort of our employees

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We educate the young and disadvantaged, we support the communities around us, we ensure good neighbourly relations in the locations where we are active



"2020 was a challenge for all of us, but we still emphasized sustainability."

Dan Timotin, general manager